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A Parent's Guide



The Guide is broken down into three separate components, which reflect the journey an intern would make while on our program:


  • Pre-Departure – Visas, Payment, Approval

  • In Jakarta– Arrival, Logistics, Health and Safety

  • After the Program – Re-Entry Shock, Alumni Network


InternshipJakarta is specialist in facilitating fully integrated internship programs in Jakarta. Our international and local consultants have built an expertise in internship consulting. The required level from Participant's side as well as the required quality of the placement site.


  • Pre-departure: 

The Participant will be assessed by our professional internship recruiter After understand the individual learning goals and expectations of the Applicatant, we can match the profile with a suitable host company which is one of our business relations in Jakarta. After the legal internship contract has been signed, our visa consultants will take over the process to apply your training visa. Our Operational Manager will provide you the schedule and prepare you for your departure.





  • In Jakarta:

Our Program managers take over the operations by picking up Participants from the airport to escort him/her accommodation, providing you a tour to Taman Mini, a personal welcome diner with the program, welcome pack. an intercultural &  first aid survival course Bahasa Indonesia.


After the Particpant has prepared for the program and we introduce him/her on the pre-agreed day to the internship site. The program manager will pick up the Participant from the accommodation and will be brought back again. There will also be a evaluation in the middle of the program. The student's individual coach will execute the visit to monitor the process and provide career assistance.


During the program our Program managers arrange trips for Particpants. These are included in our Program. If a Participant would like to explore the environment themselve we also offer special travel advisory services. We also believe that immersing in the social and business world is an important part of the development. Therefore our Program managers keep Participants updated about the gatherings and event. 






  • After the Program

The term of the internship might be terminated but it could be a schock for students when returning to the country of origin. Many Particpants have fall in love with this great city and most student are eager to continue their involvement with Jakarta. We guide them how to deal with the re-entry shock. Further, we have our Alumni section for graduates and young professionals to link eachoterh and expand the network 2ho shared their once-in-a-life time experience in Jakarta. 










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A Parent's Guide

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