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For many students an internship is a lifechanging event.

Certain Universities allow students to gain practical experience during their course. It is a compulsory program of the curriculum.


We offer two types of internships:


Orientation internships & Graduation internships


1. Orientation internships

An orientation internship has the purpose to involve daily working activities within the company. This could be from attending meetings to helping the employees with activities


2. Graduation internships:

During the Graduation internship, the student focuses mainly on a research. The topic of the assignment has been agreed upon as stipulated in the internship contract. The student will present his/her findings and hand over the results of the research to the company as well as the university at the end of the term.




Besides the Placement:

IntershipJakarta support students to get involved in activities beside the placement itself. We assist students with social, leisure, sport and business activities to enhance their development skills.



What can I expect of InternshipJakarta and the student during the program?

1. First day, there will be an introduction with the appointed company mentor at the internship site

    and the student will be shown around in the company. We go through all points to ensure

    everything is clear. Hence, student and host company will sign a non-disclosure agreement.


2. The day after the student starts officially at the pre-agreed time.


3. During the internship there will regularly contact with InternshipJakarta by phone or mail to

    monitor the progress.


4.  The grand Evaluation will be performed by our consultants


5.  A final company visit takes place to review the internship.



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