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Application Procedure


In order to enroll in our program every candidate will go through the application process which will make us understand your individual needs and expectations.



Internship Jakarta makes it simple enabling us to assist you as fast as possible.

1.  Apply


Check on Apply for all for the requirements to enroll in our program. Make yourself familiar with the programs we offer. Check on Prices & Dates of our individual programs to get an overview for more specific information about the start dates.



2.  Review

Our experienced internship recruitment consultants assess the suitability for our programs. We pay attention to your personal motivation, educational background and working experience. We assist you to improve your resume, if neccesary.



3. Interview

After we have reviewed your cv, we plan a 20 minutes skype interview which will cover all. Your interview will usually be conducted by our HR professionals understand the key competencies an intern needs to possess when performing an internship in Indonesia.



4. Outcome

Within 3 working days you’ll be informed of the outcome of your application to join our Internship Program by email. If you are successful with your application you’ll receive an offer which will invite you to join the program and details how to confirm your place.



5. Confirmation

As places for our programs are understandably competitive we ask that successful applicants confirm their place on the program by paying a deposit of 25 USD within one week.


The total program fee is then due within one week after signing an internship contract with the host organization.

Internship Jakarta has interns flexible payment options, please contact us for more information.




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