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FAQ - Host Companies


The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.


            FAQ - Host companies   



Am I eligible to join the Program?

Check the Basic Requirements to see whether you are eligble for the program.


What can a student contribute to my Business?

Our student has the academic knowledge, a different mindset and gives exposure to the company. A student could make a strategic marketing plan, research, new inputs, improvement suggestions. The major benefit of having an international intern in your organisztion is the interncultural interaction between your people and the intern in order to create the best of 2 worlds



What if I am not satisfied with the Performance of the Student?

We want ensure that you can discuss everything during the intro-sesion so you have a clear impression about the competences and student's character.  If you feel that the student does not match with your criteria during the internship our recruitment consultants will endavour to find a suitable solution. In case there is no solution you have the right to termine the internship contract. In the years we are active we haven't encountered this earlier. 


What level can I expect?

All our students are enrolled higher vocational/undergraduate university (s1)  or graduate university level (s2).


What English level can I expect from the candidate?

Every student is fluent in English. This is one of the requirements before applying to our Program. 


What is the Recruitment Procedure?

Our Recruitment consultant will schedule a meeting to come to your office to have a conversation with your team and discuss your individual request. After knowing your need we will source and screen an applicant matching with your profile, if we believe the student is suitable with the working environment and competent enough to fulfill the assignment. we will send the profile to you to take into consideration. From there you might communicate diectly.


What is the price of enrolling in our program?

This  program is free of charge and has the purpose to create a win-win situation. The intern to learn the practice and the host organization can benefit the knowledge from a diiferent perspective. 


Under what visa is the student performing an internship program?

The student will do a internship under a 211-visa allowed for unpaid internship program valid for the maximal duration of 6 months.


Does the student receive salary?

A salary or financial allowance is strictly forbidden by immigration law 6, 2011. The student is allowed get a lunch or local work-home transport arrangement as a form of appreciation.


What documents do I need to prepare to join the program?

After you are interested to join our Program we will provide you with a Partnership contract which clearly outlines all terms and responsibilities during the Entire Program. In order to finalize the formalities we request a couple legal company documents to check the legal validity of the entity. 


Do I have special responsibilities when joining the program?

The host company appoints a person who the student is able to ask the neccesary questions. Hence, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation form to measure the performance, attitude & mentality, social adaptability. and absenteeism rate. Our recruitment consultants will pass by this evaluation.


How can I join the program?

Our recruitment consultants are more than pleased to pass by to have a meeting to explain more about our program and the conditions to join. 


Can I involve the Intern also outside the internship program?

You are more than welcome to invite our students to attend any Social activities. This is an important part of the incultural learning experience form both sides, Internship Jakarta encourage this.  


In what way I will get introduced to the student to make a decision?

At first, we will screen the candidate. from there we will provide you the profile of the student with the motivation and experience.  After you approve the the profile we will follow-up by skype or phone or mail.


How long does it take to arrange an intern?

The average process takes 3-4 months to select a qualified candidate. Our closing date for applications are 2 month prior to the intended starting date in order to arrange all operational matters accordingly. 


What about the dates the student can start, are they fixed?

We work with strict schedules. Our programs always start at the first week of every month.


In case you have additional questions, please dont hesitate to contact our Recruitment Devision. 


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