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FAQ - Internship Position


The information below is intended to serve as a comprehensive resource for the questions most commonly received.


              Internship Position       



What are the general working hours in Indonesia?

The working hours is Indonesia are normally between 09.00 am - 05.00 pm. Weekends are off. On Friday there is a long break time for the Friday prayer from 11.30 am - 1 pm If you are active in the hospitality industry your timeschedule might be different.


Can I expect to have holidays?

Indonesia has a number of Public holidays. You are in Indonesia for a learning experience. In order to be most effective we advice you to take holiday after  your internship. If you enjoy travelling with other students you can join our Internship + Travel Program which is specially designed for our studens. 


How does a regular working day looks?

The company always try to involve you in many acitivities. Depending on whether you have a research 


What is expected from me as an intern?

You are expected to have a professional, pro-active and positive working attitude. Hence its imtportant you are eager to learn new things and being open-minded.  Showing your respect is very importantin the Indonesian culture. If you meet these qualifications you will get embraced by 


What should I wear to office?

During working hours you should have a neat appearance. Every company has a different dresscode. Under no circumstances you will will wear open toe heels, jeans or plain t-shirts, shorts, sport shoes or a cap. 


How will I be treated as an international intern?

You will be treated as a regular employee. Most companies use a fingerprint time clock system to register your absenteeism.


Will there be an formal agreement or working contract?

After a direct interview with the host company we will draft a formal internship contract to stipulate everything what has been discussed. In case your university works with own contracts we are more than ....................


Will I get paid during my internship?

No, the internship is a learning experience to enhance your career prospective. Doing an internship in one of world's fast growing countries gives you an edge. Nevertheless, you can expect to get a lunch from the host company as a form of appreciation. 


What are things to consider in regard to behaviour on the work floor?

You will live in a appartment complex carefully selected by Internship Jakarta. All accommodation are according to Western standards. The accommodations are all near to Public Transport facilities which makes it easier for you to get around. 


What do I need to do when there is a conflict or disagreement on the workfloor?

In case of a misunderstanding, conflict or disagreement or an inconvenient situation and you cant find a solution you can contact us. Our consultants endeavour to solve the issue or find a solution. Although it never occured, Internship Jakarta is not binded to provide a replacement internship. 


What support can I expect from Internship Jakarta during the placement itself?

We will perform an evaluation to monitor your progress.  Visit provide a pre-arrival preparation, support during the internship and after-internship consultancy services for interns. Support related to the internship placement and Operational matters. We are standby to assist you at anytime.


Do I need an insurance?

It is obligatory for Interns to have an internship insurance; 

1. Health Insurance,

2. Accidental Death & Dismemberment; 

3. Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains &  

4. Third Party Liability. 


We can link you to insurance companies who can arrange this for you.


How do I get to the office every day?

Our Program Managers cans arrange daily transport to your work. The best way to go around is by public transport, motorcycle taxi or by cab. The fees are affordable and much lower than in developed countries.



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