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Finance & Accounting


According to Consulting Firm Mc. Kinsey Retail Financial Services could grow more than any other area of consumer expenditure.The growth in Financial Service represents currently 8% of the country's GDP. Hence, Indonesia is Asia's best performing stock market this year. Domestic demand is strong and companies catering to the Indonesian middle class are seeing a jump in earnings.


Sector Overview


- The Jakarta stock exchange has a value of $387 billion


- Statistics Indonesia reported a trade surplus of USD $680 billion, sustained by a surplus in the 

  non-oil & gas sector of USD $2.05 billion.


- There is a lot of money riding on the strength of domestic spending in Indonesia, a factor underpinning both    the economy and the stock market.


- The GDP has shown growth rates around 6% over the last 5 years


Indonesia is further opening several business fields previously forbidden to foreign investors.


-  During the first quarter of this year, investment realization in Indonesia hit the highest level at IDR106.6  

   trillion, up by 14.6 percent (yoy) compared to the same period last year.



Internship Sectors

Architecture & Real Estate






Green Technology



HR, Training & Recruitment




Marketing, PR, Communication and Advertising

Media & Creative industries

NGO & Charity

Tourism & Travel


Sample Projects

Currently our students have been involved in;


 - Learn and advice private clients with Technical Trade analyses

-  Finding ways to execute cost reduction measurements

-  Assisting in daily the book keep activities

-  Making and presenting investment proposals






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