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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical



Indonesia is poised to become a key market of growth in this region for the healthcare industry. National healthcare expenditure has grown significantly over recent years from $7.2bn in 2005 to $18.3bn in 2010; and pharmaceutical sales are expected to grow robustly in 2012-16 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5 per cent in local currency terms.

Sample Projects

Currently our students have been involved in;


 - Assisting a Neuro Psychology clinic with the treatment of autistic children

Assisting clients of a Medical consultant and distribution company to enter into Indonesia

-  Pharmaceutical product registrations at the Indonesian FDA.

-  Provision of appropriate care to relevant patients in day surgery, medical imaging and endoscopy.

Sector Overview


-   The ongoing plan of Indonesia's Ministry of Health to provide healthcare insurance for over half of the

    country's population through a universal social security system.


-   The governments's planning is that poorer people will have their premiums paid by the government, while the

     others would pay for the insurance fees themselves.


-    Foreign pharmaceutical companies often find themselves facing strong competition from local manufacturers

     of low-cost generics.


-   The distribution of Pharmaceutical products accross the thousands of Islands make the market access very



-   The private sector accounts for 40 percent of hospitals in Indonesia, and growth is  expected to continue.






Internship Sectors

Architecture & Real Estate






Green Technology



HR, Training & Recruitment




Marketing, PR, Communication and Advertising

Media & Creative industries

NGO & Charity

Tourism & Travel


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