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With the help of our talented interns, many of our host companies have expanded into new markets or received great support. Interns share their unique cultural perspective and diversity with the office staff and in a way after hosting an intern your office will feel the change. This is one of the reasons why so many of our host companies host our interns regularly.



For Employers

Provide a structured internship to qualified foreign students and recent graduates while promoting cross-cultural exchange. Build an international workplace! We bring together the best companies with the most qualified applicants. Many employers are not aware of the added value foreign interns can bring their business. 


Hosting an international intern can bring many benefits such as:

- Allowing your staff to engage with different cultures from around the world.

- Enabling staff to practice their English with native speakers.

- Gaining an international perspective on your company’s work.

- Having a greater outreach to international clients.Learning about foreign cultures and consumer behavior.

Host Companies


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