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How to write the Perfect Resume?


To make a good first impression, a well-written resume needs to be clear, concise, and neatly organised with content relevant to your preferred internship position.


Here is a guide in your resume content:

  • Personal information

  • Educational background

  • Objective

  • Work or Training experienc

  • Skills

  • Awards, achievement

  • Activities and interests




  • Use 10-12 point simple fonts (eg Times New Roman, Arial).

  • Write in plain business English (avoid SMS language, abbreviations and slang).

  • Use sub-headings and bulleted lists to draw attention to important information.

  • Ensure plenty of white space between paragraphs and margins that are not too narrow.

  • The layout (including indent alignments) must be consistent throughout the resume.




  • 2 - 3 pages for a graduate with little professional work experience.

  • Use spelling and grammar checks. 




Before sending in or passing your resume in, double and even triple check every single section and make sure that it describes you

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