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How to prepare yourself for an interview?


1. Do your research:

Check out the company’s website, Facebook page and Twitter feed to get a feel for how employees (and executives) dress and behave, then take your cues from that when prepping for your interview.


2. Prepare Your Surroundings

Be professional, rid the area of personal items—no need to share too much information. A blank or neutral background is best, with a well-organized desktop. 


3. Practice It First

If you this is your first time, conduct a practice interview with a friend, and record it. Analyze it.


4. Remain calm and professional



5. Keep eycontact and listen actively

Dont get distracted. 


6. Make sure you have a descent skype name.

Dont use weirds names as a skype name. Use your own name or something what looks professional., 


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