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Green Technology



HR, Training & Recruitment




Marketing, PR, Communication and Advertising

Media & Creative industries

NGO & Charity

Tourism & Travel


Sector Overview


The number of Internet users in Indonesia is also expected to rocket from 40 million in 2011 to 175 million by 2016,

    accompanied by a boom in data connection subscribers, which is expected to grow from 52 million in 2011 to 167

    million in 2016.


In addition to the booming e-commerce sector, the mobile Internet and applications sector is also getting more

   attention from foreign companies.


IT services sales in Indonesia is expected to reach US$1.0 billion this year. In addition, cloud services both for

   consumers and businesses, which is still a new area for Indonesia, could be worth around US$100 million by 2016.


In the IT services sector, around 30-35 million Indonesian companies are estimated to lack any IT-based solutions.





The Internet will go mainstream with the number of active users heading for the 100 million mark. Heavy investment undertaken by the international e-commerce companies indicate that the Indonesian market is viewed as a long term strategic play with significant upside for the leading providers.

Sample Projects

Currently our students have been involved in;


 - Software development activities

-  Assisting in designing a ERP system

-  Structering an online theme platform

-  Conducting in making a digital media plan


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