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The Law of Indonesia is based on a civil law system, intermixed with customary law and the Roman Dutch law. Having strong relations with the authorities and an understanding of the legal framework is an essential part to doing business in Indonesia.


Internship Sectors

Architecture & Real Estate






Green Technology



HR, Training & Recruitment




Marketing, PR, Communication and Advertising

Media & Creative industries

NGO & Charity

Tourism & Travel


Sector Overview


- Jakarta is the capital city and legal centre of Indonesia, where most cases are handled.


- Indonesia still faces challenges, many Indonesian laws and regulations conflict with each other. therefore the

  legal system sometimes does not operate effectively.


- With an increase in Foreign Investment into Indonesia, there is a huge demand for assisting foreign companies

  tackle legal hurdles when entering Indonesia.


- Corruption is still to be ingrained at all levels of the system, nevetheless the role of KPK (Indonesia’s anti-corruption agency)

  has made the Indonesian public sector aware of the consequences related to any involvement in corruption activities.





Sample Projects

Currently our students have been involved in;


 - Advising on, and processing, business license registrations for foreign clients.

-  Preparing memos for the senior associate on land and immigration regulations

-  Prepare and execute a presentations for clients on the labor regulations.

-  Drafting leasing contracts for clients

-  Making a comparative study between UK and Indonesia on director's liabilities.



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