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Marketing, PR, Communication and Advertising




The growth in Indonesia’s consuming class is forecast to be bigger than that in any other economy, apart from China and India, and would generate more than $1 trillion in product and service opportunities. Overall, Indonesian consumers are family oriented, financially conservative, self-aware, and prudent and cautious, and they value real experience. At the same time, there are segments that value modernity, look for international brands and new experiences, and are ready to spend more for higher- end products and services.

Sample Projects

Currently our students have been involved in;


 - Designing a marketingplan

-  Conducting a digital media & communication strategy

Editing articles for a lifestyle magazine.

-  Researching new trends and developments in consumerbehaviour


Sector Overview


-  Indonesians will make increasing use of digital products and service. Indonesia is dominating social media

   statistics and Jakarta is home to the biggest twitter city.


-  Upward mobility will increase, and consumer behavior will change. Our survey indicates that as their wealth

   grows, consumers will shift some discretionary spending toward leisure and investment vehicles


-  A leading consumer bank, for instance, has seen an increase of more than 300 percent in

   transactions linked to e-commerce over the last year.


-  Indonesia also has the 4th largest Facebook population in the world





Internship Sectors

Architecture & Real Estate






Green Technology



HR, Training & Recruitment




Marketing, PR, Communication and Advertising

Media & Creative industries

NGO & Charity

Tourism & Travel


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