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Customized Internship Placements in Jakarta

Our Approach


Internship Jakarta offers Great opportunities to Global talents!


Intership Jakarta is Jakarta's only international internship consulting organization that is officially licensed to mediate in internship programs in Jakarta.


We offer a unique opportunity for motivated students who are eager to broaden their horizon in the most populated metropole of South-East Asia. Intership Jakarta is a part of Business Consulting Indonesia, a reputable consulting firm in Jakarta.  Over the years our recruitment professionals have placed over 700 international students.


One of the founders of Internship Jakarta is ms. Mery Rosanti Oktavia. An Indonesian professional with a financial background and valuable experience gained  in Jakarta, Singapore and Shanghai.

She strived to create a learning program which develops a bridge between educational institutions and corporate Indonesia. 


Our internship programs are tailored to each student's individual needs. From the first moment students apply with us until the day the students leaves the country is of our concern.

Internship Jakarta recruits, selects and guides students through the process finding the most suitable internship site in town.


Our international personal development coaches are trained to monitor each student's progress during the program. Our fully-integrated approach is of paramount importance for student's own future career perspective. Every student will receive a feedback during and at the end the internship. Together we design challenging assignments which add value to the host organization and the student. As being one of Indonesia's first internship consulting companies started in 2008 we have built trust among many host organizations, students and international educational institutions.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students, recent graduates and young professionals of all backgrounds with opportunities for international work experience and personal growth through customized internships in Jakarta.




Why us?

- Headquartered in Jakarta, close to our interns and host companies.

- Officially Licensed to mediate in facilitating Training & Internship programs.

- Understanding the Indonesian culture & the level and needs of international university students

- Our international team has years of valuable experience in internship consulting and recruitment

- We provide professional guidance prior to and during the students stay

- Our strenghts is in our network and customized service.

- Support Social activities

- Specialist in accredited internships & Career development advice





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