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Founded in 2008, Internship Jakarta is the leading organisation arranging internship  programs in Jakarta for students and graduates internationally. We provide talented students and recent university graduates with the opportunity to improve their career prospects.














The internship coursework design allows students an opportunity to apply and strengthen their core competencies.


Our Internship staff provides students advice and guidance during the internship search strategy process. We are also available to meet throughout the placement to provide problem-solving assistance.


A networking database with over 500 pre-approved internship experiences are made available to students for their search, but students are ultimately responsible for obtaining their own internship experience.


The choice of internship site is flexible as longs as it to allow the experience to meet the needs of the individual student. The purpose of our program is to give students a valuable working experience, exposure to a different working environment and learn how to immerse in an entire different culture.


The internship can also help students find a career direction, develop professional skills and competencies, and gain relevant workplace experiences that will help them compete for a future  employment.

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