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About the Program

Create a welcoming atmosphere, introducing the student to staff and carrying out a full induction to the workplace;



  • Ensure that the student has a dedicated workstation (or other tools) and formalise the days and hours they will work;


  • Check the learning goals of the student’s learning contract together with them;


  • Set up a series of regular meetings with the student;


  • Ensure there are opportunities to supply the student with constructive feedback on work performed;


  • Create some discussion with the student on how theory and practice come together in your workplace;


  • Ensure all the learning goals in the learning contract are covered during the placement;


  • Contact InternshipJakarta or the Academic Supervisor immediately if things do not proceed as you anticipate;


  • Meet with the representative of InternshipJakarta and the student in the workplace; and


  • Have a final meeting with the student, summing up what has been performed, learned and evaluating the student’s work.

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