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Find here some comments about our Alumni.


 'A wonderful experience that I would never wanted to miss. '

Isabella L. - Student Tourism Management - 


'Everything was well-organized. Thank you for all the support during my internship, 

 it has been an experience of a life time..'

Wessel H. - Student International Business Studies -


'Thanks for the wonderful experience and great time in Jakarta..'

Rodney R.  - Student Business Studies -


'Help was always there and all was taken care of..'' 

Lennart B.  - Student South-East Asian Studies -


'Highly recommended. never met more friendly people than in Indonesia..'' 

Simon D.  - Student Marketing Management


'Hospitality of the people is fantastic. I am planning to return soon after my studies'

Laura B. -  Student Tourism Management


'I am not sure the world knows how fast growing Jakarta actually is, it was an eye-opener for me..'

Marlon  -  Student Business Studies - 


'Working hard, learning about cultures and Asian habits. Going out with friends in Kemang, I made friends for life.' 

Josephine - Fresh Graduate Student Hotel Management Studies-


'The company invited me to many events. The responsibility the company gave me would never be possible during an internship in a Western country.'

Peter - Student Human Resource Management 


'A true life enrichement, I have never regretted it a moment to take this step to do my internship in Jakarta. I truly love living in this buzzing city..'

Christian M.  -  Student 


'An internship is the unique chance to proof yourself. I obtained my current job in Indonesia thanks to this internship program in Jakarta and the contacts I made.'

Barak F.  Student Technical Engineering

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