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University Partners



Internship Jakarta encourages an intensive cooperation with international universities..


Our internship program is a formal arrangement designed to provide opportunities for global students.

Internship Jakarta has already established a number of key university partnerships across Europe, among others.


Our strong relationships within the Indonesian business environment makes it possible to provide students quality internship programs in all fields. 


Intership Jakarta assesses the host orgsanisation, there will be also an intro-session to clarify all matter before starting officially.



Reasons to become our Partner

- We are a one stop solution for your student to arrange an full internship program.

- We prepare the student and during the program we monitor the performance, compentences, mentality and absenteeism, we report

  the findings directly the Appointed university mentor.

- We are involved in talent and career development advice for each student

- We are familiar offer internships having the required level to obtain credits.

- We put your university on the map in Indonesia




Student Benefits


1. To develop familiarity with the Indonesian workplace culture

2. To apply learning in real workplace situations

3. To enhance  interpersonal, communication & cross-cultural skills

4. To gain a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market by developing global connections in your chosen profession



University Benefits

- Having a education partner in Indonesia who is monitor the progress of your students;

- Provide your students the unique opportunity to go abroad during the university Program to gain practical experience;

- A fantastic way to exposure your university to one of world's largest education markets attracting Indonesian students to studying in

  your university



Assuring the quality

Internship Jakarta performs an assessment to check whether the potential host organization meets the required level. Further, our consultants will pass by during the program to evaluate and monitor the quality. In case the student is enrolled in an accredited program all results of the evaluation will be forwarded to the Academic Supervisor.


Details of the first day introduction performed by Internship Jakarta; 

  • Ensure that the student has a dedicated workstation (or other tools) and formalise the days and hours they will work;

  • Check again the learning goals of the student’s learning contract together with them;

  • Ensure there are opportunities to supply the student with constructive feedback on work performed;

  • Create some discussion with the student on how theory and practice come together in your workplace;

  • Ensure all the learning goals in the learning contract are covered during the placement;

  • Ensure that Internship Jakarta or the Academic Supervisor immediately if things do not proceed as  anticipated;

  • Setup the meeting schedule with the representative of InternshipJakarta,company mentor and the student in the workplace;


All Evaluations executed by Internship Jakarta are based on:

- Performance/ assignment progress

- Working attitude/ mentality/adaptability

- Personal Competence Development

- Absenteeism


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