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8 Good Reasons to perform your internship in Jakarta





1. The BOOMING economy of South-East Asia's most populated city

Jakarta is the capital of 4th most populous country in the world.  A growing number of multinationals is entering the Indonesian market headquartered in Jakarta. The variety of companies is enormously. 




2.  'Endless Summers', 365 days a year!

Due to warm and sunny conditions. Average temperature in Jakarta is 28º-24º degrees centigrade, 82ºF - 93º Fall year long.  Wake up with a smile!




3. Safety

Jakarta is a considerably safe city comparing to many other metropoles in the world. The number of robberies or armed raids are very rare.  Expats feel safe.



4. Friendly and open-hearted people

Maybe one of the most important reasons are the incredible friendly people in Jakarta. They adore to start a small chat with anyone who passes by, especially if as a foreigner just to get you know better. Most Indonesian like to be outside instead of staying at home. Small places outside to eat are open until late. You always have access to foods at anytime. The climate gives people enough reason to smile.



5. Authentic culture

Despite the fast economic growth rates Jakarta is still authentic and unexplored comparing to other metropoles, where foreigners are a part of the daily street view. The people still react in a positive way on your presence. Jakarta is a authentic pot of cultures, from Javanese to Kalimantan and from Papua to Bali. All ethnic groups are merged in this tremendous city. Various cultural events, different clothing styles, different kitchens. Despite the difference the motto of the country is 'Pancasila', which means 'Unity in Diversity'.



6. Surrounded by Natural treasures

Jakarta is situated in the middle of paradise. Outside the city you can find rest and the rural live which gives you impression about life ourside the buzzing city. White beaches, Islands, vulcanoes, rice tarraces & wildlife reserves.



7. Perfect mix between Work & Leisure

After work, Jakarta has plenty to offer. Jakarta is home of high- class nightlife and international restaurants, Jakarta also has plenty of sport clubs where you can become a member to make your stay comfortable. Further, Jakarta has great theme parks



8. Affordable price level

Unlike many other capitals in the world, prices in Jakarta are still considerably cheap. Transportation, food & clothing are affordable.








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